Cat Scratching Post Replacement Rope Ring (2 Units)


Cat scratching post rope ring in natural sisal rope and durable. This accessory maintain your cat healthy claws. Say good bye, expensive and boring repairing of your cat tree. This 2 units pack warranty a wide usage for your cat or can protect your furniture , for example table legs…



  • Introducting the ultimate cat scratching post replacement rope ring, designed to keep your feline friend entertained and satisfied.
  • Our cat scratching post is made with high quality sisal rope, ensuring a durable and long lasting product that can withstand even the most vigorous cat scratching sessions.
  • The sisal rope is perfect for maintaining your cat’s claws, providing a healthy outlet for their natural scratching instincts while also protecting your furniture from unwanted damage.


Don’t miss out on this essentials accessory for your cat’s scratching needs and experience the difference.


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