Innovative rope ring for cat scratching post and cat tree

Our product make your life easier
  • I have been asking my partner to fix the rope on the scratch poles for a while, and then I found this product. And I bought 2. So much easier to set up, and our cat also loved it…….Sophie

For many years I have been working as an engineer in a scientific station in Antarctica, you must be wondering what this is? In fact, to make it simple, I want to explain to you that the experience in such isolated places in the world, this desert and white continent, asks you to do a lot of things without anything and with a lot of ingenuity.

This is why my ultimate goal is to create and design objects that make life easy and at low cost as well as trying to respect our planet as much as possible.. which is the priority in these virgin places preserved from the pollution of humanity….

That’s why I made this quest my workhorse….